Canada’s #1 Value Brand!

Fresh, bright clean clothes – it’s trusted
quality that’s made Purex Canada’s #1 value
brand. It’s simple really, Purex with Dirt Lift
Action works deep into the fibers, leaving
your clothes bright, white, and clean! Fresh
clean clothes at a great price, that’s Purex,
trusted quality from Canada’s #1 value brand.

Great Cleaning, Great Value

We realize how important finding a good value
is. That’s why we are so excited to bring you
a great product at a great value, Purex with
Dirt Lift Action. It works deep to clean fabrics,
and is half the price of the leading
premium detergent.

Safe for All Machines

Just like all of our detergents, Purex with Dirt
Lift Action has been specifically formulated to
work in both traditional and High Efficiency
(HE) washers. This ensures that Purex is always
available to our consumers, no matter your
type of washer.


Canada's #1 Value Brand

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